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  • 01Industry

    Relevant data show that China's urban residents have 75% home ownership, far lower than the average level of developed countries in Europe and America by 96%.

  • 02Exquisite product technology

    The next 5 years China will have tens of millions of sets of Home Furnishing custom door market capacity of nearly $500 billion a year in the market space.

  • 03High-end equipment

    Our custom Home Furnishing door has entered a period of rapid development of industry, industry compound annual growth rate of more than 26%.

  • 04First class sales industry

    Custom Home Furnishing industry investment return rate is as high as 40%-50%, compared with other mature profit space more Home Furnishing building materials industry!

  • 05Perfect after-sale system

    Production sales, project operation early only need to input and store decoration pattern, no inventory, cash flow track!

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Enbn doors and windows on the website[2017-03-08]

Nanhai District of Foshan city enbn doors and windows factory official website officially launched!

Common went

  • Can be divided into:

    Flat open, open, push and pull, folding, hanging, valgus, etc..

  • Classification by material:

    Wooden doors and windows, steel doors and windows, revolving door anti-theft doors, automatic doors, plastic doors and windows, revolving doors, iron doors and windows, steel doors, stainless steel doors and windows, Aluminum Alloy doors and windows, glass steel doors and windows, aluminum composite...